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Phoenix Wright?

I'm almost afraid to post in here, afraid someone will get mad at me.

But what I've been playing lately is Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright. The first one. I've had it since it came out, and I just now beat it.

It brings to mind the point-and-click PC games that I used to play so much...such as Quest for Glory and Lost Secrets of the Rainforest (maybe? I can't exactly remember the was a Sierra game of old...Although that title may have been that gameshow about the rainforest, I can't exactly remember.) There was a little blond boy who foils some poachers and it was very fun. Full of simple, yet hard-enough puzzles that were enjoyable to do.

In the Ace Attorney games, for everyone who hasn't played them, you are a defense attorney who is given a case that seems nigh impossible. However, you are given an unlimited amount of time to think and ponder and run around looking for clues, and only once you have everything you need does it go on to the next part of the case.

In short, a fun game that never leaves you hanging without the things you require.

I like thinking games, but I don't like timed puzzle games. The Ace Attorney series is a good game for me because I can sit for hours on one screen and even though it's hard, I get plenty of chances and worst case scenario, I get a guilty verdict and have to come back from my last save point. They prompt you at places with hints such as, "There's gotta be a hole in this testimony," and the cases are all very original and interesting.

Has anyone else played it? I am on the extra case, Rise from the Ashes, and am enjoying myself immensely.
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