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lowstressgamers's Journal

Low-Stress Gamers
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A gathering place for gamers who aren't adrenaline junkies--we like things low-key.
This community is meant to be a gathering place for people who like games, but don't get all freaked out about them. Gamers can be low-stress, too, you know.

We have some rules. They are as follows:

1. Be polite to each other. Heated discussions are fine but personal insults are not.

2. Be coherent. Type with proper grammar and punctuation. I swear upon all that is holy, the first person to use "u" instead of "you" is going to get banninated.

3. Please stay on-topic. The point of this community is to discuss games and the gamer culture. If you want to know what pants to buy to best flatter your figure, there are better places for that.

4. If you want to join, send a request to aimee_evilpixie along with a short note saying why you'd like to join.

5. Above all, have fun. This is for low-stress gamers, remember.