Aimee (aimee_evilpixie) wrote in lowstressgamers,

Welcome to the community!

Hi! Welcome to Low-Stress Gamers. I hope that we can create a thriving community of people who like to relax when they play games, rather than get all hyped up on Bawlz and adrenaline.

I'm Aimee. I'm the mod. I work in the game industry in Seattle, and I'm a gamer myself. The difference between me and my co-workers is that I don't like games that are high-stress. First-person shooters? No thanks. Too jumpy, stressful and complicated for me. Give me some Final Fantasy or Okami any day. I play games to relax, and tensing up because I don't know when someone is going to frag me is not terribly relaxing.

I know there are more people like me, which is why I made this community. Come! Let us hang out together! Join the Dork Side...
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