Lady Abaxa (ladyabaxa) wrote in lowstressgamers,
Lady Abaxa

Video Game Humor: Scary-Crayon reviews The Amazing Spider-Man

Those of you who, like me, are into the whole super hero team running around beating the hell out of everything genre are probably excited by this week's release of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2. While I'm still waiting for an X-Men Legends 3 game Ultimate Alliance 2 should give me sufficient multi-player mayhem. I've ranted before about some of the problems the first UA had (damn you camera angles!) so I'm curious if those have been resolved to smooth out multi-player.

Anyway I'm getting off track. It's Thursday again so it's time for a little videogame humor. This review written by Wes of Scary-Crayon discusses the failures of The Amazing Spider-Man for MSDOS.

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