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Super Mario Galaxy FTW!

I got a Wii for Christmas.

Also, I have been super-busy the past couple months and so kinda forgot about this community. And my Livejournal in general. But now I'm back!

Back to the Wii. I've played some Wii sports before, so I knew how much fun it could be, but Super Mario Galaxy has possibly surpassed Okami as my favorite game ever. It's the first platformer I've ever been able to play with any amount of proficiency. I'd argue that it's not a true platformer, really--there isn't a lot of precision jumping, which was always what killed me with the original Mario Bros games. It's just... Fun. Effortless. Which is not to say it isn't a challenge sometimes, but the gameplay flows so fluidly and intuitively that I want to play for hours and hours.

Also, the co-op mode? Awesome. I love that my boyfriend is able to sit with me and grab star bits and hold off enemies with the second remote, which is really helpful when you're first getting used to the controls. He doesn't like playing it quite as much as I do, which I find interesting. He likes it, but says it was harder than he was expecting. It actually easier than I was expecting, so I don't know what that says about our respective play styles. At any rate, we like playing it together.

Now I'm itching to go back and keep exploring new adorable worlds.
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